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  • November 2nd 2022


    Looking for a way to serve both hot and cold foods at the same time, reduce labor and save space? We have a solution! Today we are going to take a look at Duke’s new Hot Frost Sheet Pan Merchandiser.

    With the new Duke Sheet Pan Merchandiser you can now switch from Hot or Cold display merchandising within the same unit. This maximizes menu versatility in any facility with a large variety of menu items, such as busy campus cafeterias. School foodservice directors are in charge of feeding their students multiple times a day, with that being said cafeterias typically require multiple serving lines in order to serve both hot and cold foods. With Duke’s merchandiser, you can eliminate the need for multiple hot & cold serving stations and eliminate the need for students going from line to line to get their entire meal.

    The Hot Frost Sheet Pan Merchandiser allows you to switch from hot to cold within the same merchandiser and is available in a variety of configurations. The dual tier doubles the amount of merchandising space and ultimately eliminates the need for a sheet pan rack. As soon as your hot foods are done in the oven, directly place your sheet pans on the hot tier and you’re in business! Only planning on serving cold foods? No problem, thanks to the switchable surface you can turn your merchandiser to frost mode and serve your refrigerated goods. Planning on serving both hot and cold at the same time? The Duke Sheet Pan Merchandiser can also function with both tiers at different temperatures. This makes serving both hot and cold meals convenient for students. Campus dining is typically operated within strict times, which often results in students not being able to get everything they would like to eat. This is due to waiting in multiple long lines and having a limited amount of time. Utilizing the hot/cold dual tier ensures that your students can enter one line and leave with everything they would like off of your menu.

    Duke’s new Sheet Pan Merchandiser is easy to use, adapts to your menu as needed, ultimately saving labor and space. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment or looking for a quote on a new merchandiser, we are happy to assist you.