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  • Meese P303 1/2 yd, 54"L x 26"W x 32"D x 38"H Tilt-Trux

    MOD-TT 1/2
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    Introducing the Meese P303 Tilt-Trux, a versatile and durable solution for transporting and handling various materials. Designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, this 1/2-yard tilt truck is ideal for a wide range of industries, including janitorial services, foodservice, hospitality, and more. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly features, the Meese P303 Tilt-Trux is a reliable choice for all your material handling needs.

    The Meese P303 Tilt-Trux features a spacious 1/2-yard capacity, providing ample space for transporting bulk materials, waste, and supplies. Its large dimensions of 54"L x 26"W x 32"D x 38"H make it suitable for handling medium to heavy loads with ease. Whether you need to move linens, refuse, or other items, this tilt truck can handle the job efficiently.

    This tilt truck is designed for convenience and ease of use. The tilting feature allows for easy dumping of contents, eliminating the need for manual lifting and reducing strain on the user. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, facilitating smooth maneuverability and control. The durable wheels ensure smooth and effortless movement, even over rough surfaces.

    Durability is a key feature of the Meese P303 Tilt-Trux. It is made from high-quality, rotationally molded polyethylene, which offers exceptional strength and resistance to impact, chemicals, and UV rays. This ensures that the tilt truck can withstand the rigors of daily use in demanding environments. The rugged construction guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a cost-effective investment for your business.

    The Meese P303 Tilt-Trux is designed with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. Its smooth, seamless interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, preventing the buildup of dirt and bacteria. This makes it suitable for use in foodservice settings, healthcare facilities, and other environments where cleanliness is crucial.

    This tilt truck is also stackable, allowing for efficient storage and transportation when not in use. Its compact design ensures minimal space requirements, making it an excellent choice for businesses with limited storage space.

    Whether you need a tilt truck for waste management, laundry handling, or general material transport, the Meese P303 Tilt-Trux is a reliable and versatile solution. Its sturdy construction, user-friendly features, and spacious capacity make it an indispensable tool for streamlining your material handling processes.

    The MEESE P303 TILT-TRUX is the ultimate solution for heavy-duty material handling. With a spacious half-yard capacity and sturdy dimensions of 54"L x 26"W x 32"D x 38"H, this tilt truck is perfect for moving large quantities of waste, debris, or recyclables with ease. The tilt feature allows for easy dumping and the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. This tilt truck is perfect for industrial, commercial, or construction use. It is designed to handle heavy loads and make your material handling tasks easier and more efficient. With its heavy-duty construction, this tilt truck is built to last and can handle the toughest jobs with ease.

    These durable tilt trucks have steel support framing, metal free interior and use industrial-strength wheels and casters to handle up to 850 pounds of trash and are tough enough to withstand the harshest environmental condition. Their 10-inch rubber wheels with 4-inch swivel casters make these easy to maneuver and over almost any terrain. Optional hinged lids are available.

    • 1/2 ½ yd, 54"L x 26"W x 32"D x 38"H
    • Tilt-Truck

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