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  • August 31st, 2021

    Cheese plates and charcuterie boards are widely popular right now, they are the ideal treat whether you’re having a picnic with friends, road tripping, camping, or simply enjoying the outdoors. A cheese plate is always a satisfying snack to have handy, but transporting a common charcuterie board can be a difficult task, especially if you plan to take them on the go and outdoors. To keep your cheese plate safe and easy to transport to your destination we recommend you follow the tips below:

    1. Select a secure container

    When you’re looking to enjoy a cheese plate out and about, forget about the fancy wood platters and boards, and instead opt in to use something more travel friendly, we recommend using a reusable to-go box like a MyGo Container™, with their different sizes and styles you can select the one that will best suit your needs. Using this type of container makes it very simple once you arrive to your picnic destination since everything will be packed and ready to eat. Arranging your plate beforehand will save you time, and will eliminate the need for extra supplies, like a cutting board, knives, or extra food packaging.

    2. Prep your cheeses

    The star item of every cheese plate is of course the cheese. When you’re planning on taking your cheese plate on the go, we recommend cutting said cheeses in advance, as it will save you the hassle of having to bring a cheese plane, knife, or a board to your destination. If you’re sharing your cheese plate with multiple people, cutting harder cheeses like gouda, parmesan, asiago, or aged cheddar into triangles or small cubes will make them easier to grab and enjoy, plus it will improve the aesthetics of your plate presentation.

    3. Keep crunchy items separate

    It is important for any cheese plate to keep crunchy items such as crackers, breads, or nuts separated to the side to avoid them from getting soggy if mixed with the other items on the plate. The MyGo™ Large and Small 3 Compartment Containers are perfect for this, since each compartment is divided and can provide protection to each item without the need to use multiple containers.

    4. Prep your meats and produce

    For produce, we recommend utilizing fruits and vegetables that provide something sweet and something refreshing to the plate, without being overly juicy or delicate, things like cucumbers, dried apricots, grapes, or strawberries. For the meats, it is nice to keep variety of different kinds, like salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni. For easy grazing, slice the smaller meats into small rounds, and fold the larger meats like prosciutto into fourths for simple grabbing.

    5. Cover your dips

    If you’re adding a nice dip to your cheese plate, like a spread, a jam, or honey, make sure that it is separated and covered to avoid any spills. This is another scenario where a MyGo Container™ with multiple compartments is the perfect solution, thanks to their gasket design, you can go about your day without worry, knowing your items will stay fully separated.

    Making the Perfect To-Go Cheese Plate

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