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  • January 9th 2023

    Reusable to-go containers can be an important sustainability measure in schools and universities. One of the main benefits is that they can help reduce waste from single-use containers, which are often made from materials that are not biodegradable and can remain in the environment for long periods of time. By using reusable containers, schools and universities can reduce the amount of waste they generate, which can help to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, using reusable containers can help to reduce costs associated with purchasing and disposing of single-use containers.

    Reusable containers can also be more convenient for students, staff, and faculty, as they can be used multiple times and do not need to be replaced after each use. This can save time and effort, as students and staff members do not need to constantly be obtaining new containers or disposing of used ones.

    At Cook’s we offer a line of durable, environmentally friendly reusable to-go containers that are great for schools and universities. MyGo Containers™ are designed to be reused again and again. All MyGo Containers™ are made of highly durable, BPA-free polypropylene that can be used to reheat meals in the microwave and will easily withstand over 1000 cycles in a commercial dish machine. Additionally, when MyGo Containers™ reach the end of their lifespan, they are recyclable.

    When it comes to reusable to-go containers in schools and universities, a great place to start is by implementing a reusable to-go program within your institution. Here are some of the key benefits of starting a reusable to-go container program at your school or university.

    1. Reduces waste: One of the main benefits of a reusable container program is that it reduces the amount of waste generated from disposable containers. This can help to decrease the environmental impact of the school or university.

    2. Cost savings: Reusable containers can also save institutions money in the long run, as they do not need to be constantly repurchased like disposable containers do.

    3. Convenient for students: A reusable container program can also be convenient for students, as it allows them to easily take food to go without having to worry about finding a disposable container or remembering to bring their own from home.

    4. Education and awareness: A reusable container program can also be a way to educate students and the wider campus community about the importance of reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

    5. Promotes a culture of sustainability: By implementing a reusable container program, schools and universities can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and encourage students to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors.

    Overall, the use of reusable to-go containers and reusable to-go container programs can be an effective way for schools and universities to reduce waste, save money, and promote sustainability. If you are interested in learning more about starting up a reusable to-go container program at your school or university, our Education Sales Specialists are happy to assist you.