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  • Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR 6" Rigid Polyurethane Caster

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    The Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR 6" Rigid Polyurethane Caster is a reliable and versatile solution for your heavy-duty applications. Designed for durability and performance, this caster offers exceptional load-bearing capacity and smooth operation in various industrial environments.

    Durability is a key feature of the Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR. It is constructed with a solid steel frame and a rugged polyurethane wheel, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding conditions. The polyurethane material is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and impacts, making it suitable for use in industrial settings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

    The 6" diameter of the wheel provides stability and ease of maneuverability. With its rigid design, this caster ensures straight-line movement, allowing for precise control and positioning of equipment, carts, and machinery. It can navigate through tight spaces and corners with ease, making it suitable for confined areas.

    The Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR is designed for heavy-duty applications. It has an impressive load capacity, allowing it to support heavy equipment, machinery, and carts. With a weight capacity of [insert weight capacity], you can confidently rely on this caster for your most demanding tasks.

    Smooth and quiet operation is another advantage of the Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR. The polyurethane wheel provides excellent rollability and shock absorption, minimizing noise and vibrations. This feature is especially important when working with delicate or sensitive materials, as it prevents damage and ensures a smooth ride.

    Installation is quick and easy with the Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR. It features a rigid mounting plate that provides a secure attachment to your equipment or cart. The sturdy construction ensures a stable connection, minimizing the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

    Safety is a top priority, and the Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR is designed with features to ensure a secure and reliable experience. The durable polyurethane wheel offers excellent traction and stability, reducing the risk of slipping or skidding. This is particularly important when working on slippery or uneven surfaces.

    Invest in the Great Lakes Caster 320620UPRR 6" Rigid Polyurethane Caster and experience the benefits of its durability, load-bearing capacity, and smooth operation. With its easy installation and quiet performance, this caster is a practical choice for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Enjoy enhanced performance, reliability, and safety with this versatile and dependable caster.

    This 6" Rigid Polyurethane Caster will keep your foodservice carts in operation longer!

    • Plate-style caster
    • 6" size for use on smaller, lighter utility carts
    • Fixed, rigid design
    • Polyurethane construction is best suited for indoor use

      • California Residents click here for Proposition 65 warning


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