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  • FSE 373-RCLMHEX001 RECLAIM Stick-On Decorative Acoustic Panels - Ocean Foam Combo 12-Pack

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    FSE RECLAIM Stick-On Decorative Acoustic Panels beautify a room while helping to absorb reflection to reduce flutter echo and other common acoustic problems. Like our top-selling acoustic room dividers and desk dividers these hexagon-shaped panels are made from post-consumer recycled PET. Rated to absorb 75% of ambient noise that passes through the material (NRC 0.75) they reduce the amount of sound bouncing off of walls.If you've ever clapped your hands and heard an echo that called reflection. In an office or classroom setting reflection can make it harder to concentrate more difficult for people to understand each other when conversing cause audio issues during conference calls and generally make a room seem noisier.These 3D wall panels easily attach using included adhesive strips to help create a quieter and more inviting environment. In addition the attractive hexagonal shape and soft colors add visual interest for enhanced aesthetics.


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