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  • FSE 373-LLMCDP Modular Charging System - Double Dolly

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    Easily charge and secure tablets iPads and Chromebooks with FSE flexible and scalable device storage solution.Ideal for education environments warehouses retail and more the versatile design lets you create the perfect mobile or fixed-location solution for charging storing and securing tablets and laptops.At the heart of this innovative system is our newly designed 10-device modular charging cabinet. Sized to accommodate most tablets and laptops with up to a 13 inch screen it can be placed on a shelf mounted to a wall or stacked up to three high on our proprietary modular dolly. Since the tool-free thumbscrew attachments make it a breeze to connect the cabinets to both a dolly and other cabinets you can easily adapt and expand your system as your charging and storage needs evolve.Depending on what works best for your organization you have the freedom to scatter single charging lockers throughout your facility to alleviate deployment bottlenecks at one location easily roll up to 60 devices on a single charging cart or create a stationary charger bank with a practically unlimited capacity. Regardless of how you configure your system you'll never have to worry about a student missing a lesson due to an uncharged battery or starting a shift with lost or stolen devices.This double dolly can support up to six 10-device modular charging cabinets to accommodate a total of up to 60 devices. SYSTEM


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