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  • Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer Beverage Carrier Insulated Plastic

    UBS500 BLACK
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    The Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer Beverage Carrier is the perfect solution for catering events, banquets, and other occasions that require the transportation and serving of large quantities of hot or cold beverages. With its innovative design and reliable insulation, this insulated plastic carrier ensures that your beverages remain at the ideal temperature, allowing you to deliver exceptional drinks to your customers or guests.

    With a generous capacity of 5 gallons, the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer can accommodate a large volume of beverages, making it suitable for high-demand settings. Whether you're serving steaming hot coffee, refreshing iced tea, or any other delicious drinks, this beverage carrier will keep them at the optimal temperature, preserving their flavors and ensuring a delightful beverage experience.

    The advanced insulation technology of the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer guarantees exceptional heat retention or cold retention, depending on your needs. The double-wall construction and thick foam insulation create a barrier that effectively prevents heat or cold from escaping, allowing your beverages to stay hot or cold for extended periods. This means you can serve consistently delicious drinks without worrying about temperature fluctuations.

    Transporting the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer is a breeze, thanks to its sturdy molded-in handles. These handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, making lifting and carrying effortless, even when the carrier is fully loaded. Whether you're moving from one location to another or setting up a beverage station at an event, this carrier provides convenience and ease of use.

    Cleaning and maintaining the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer is quick and simple. The smooth plastic exterior can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, while the interior is designed for easy rinsing and sanitation. The durable plastic material is also resistant to stains and odors, ensuring that your beverage carrier remains in pristine condition, even with frequent use.

    The Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer features a convenient spigot for easy beverage dispensing. The recessed design of the spigot prevents leaks and drips, ensuring a mess-free pouring experience. Whether you're serving hot cocoa, chilled fruit punch, or any other beverage, the spigot allows for controlled and precise pouring.

    Built to withstand the demands of commercial use, the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer is constructed with durability in mind. Its rugged construction and reliable insulation properties make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Whether you're running a catering business, managing a busy banquet hall, or organizing a large gathering, this beverage carrier is designed to exceed your expectations.

    Elevate your beverage service with the Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer Beverage Carrier. Its exceptional insulation, user-friendly features, and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for any foodservice establishment or event.

    Cambro UC500110 Ultra Camtainer Beverage Carrier Insulated Plastic

  • Gallon capacity - 5.00 gal - 640 oz
  • Construction - plastic
  • Color - black

  • Specifications

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