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  • Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer Beverage Carrier Insulated Plastic

    BS25P BR RED
    Brick Red
    Ships from Manufacturer In Stock

    Introducing the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer Beverage Carrier, a reliable and efficient solution for transporting and serving hot or cold beverages in any foodservice environment. With its durable construction and superior insulation, this Camtainer ensures that your beverages stay at the perfect temperature for extended periods.

    The Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer is constructed from high-quality plastic that is built to withstand the demands of daily use. Its sturdy exterior is resistant to cracks, dents, and scratches, ensuring long-lasting durability. The spacious capacity of this Camtainer allows you to serve a large quantity of beverages, making it ideal for catering events, outdoor gatherings, and other occasions.

    Temperature control is a critical aspect of beverage service, and the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer excels in this area. It features thick foam insulation that provides exceptional heat or cold retention, ensuring that your hot beverages stay hot and your cold beverages stay refreshingly chilled for hours. This allows you to serve your beverages at the optimal temperature, satisfying the preferences of your guests.

    The Camtainer is designed with a tight-sealing lid that helps maintain the temperature and prevents any spills or leaks during transportation. The lid features a sturdy plastic latch that ensures a secure seal, keeping your beverages intact even in rugged conditions. This allows you to transport your beverages with confidence, knowing that they will arrive safely at their destination.

    Transporting the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer is effortless and convenient. It is equipped with molded-in handles that provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to carry and transport. The lightweight design further enhances portability, allowing you to serve beverages at different locations with ease.

    Cleaning and maintenance of the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer are simple tasks. The smooth interior surface is easy to clean and sanitize, while the rounded corners prevent debris and bacteria buildup. Additionally, this Camtainer is dishwasher safe, ensuring thorough cleaning and sanitation after each use.

    Invest in the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer Beverage Carrier and elevate your beverage service. With its exceptional insulation, durable construction, and user-friendly features, this Camtainer is the perfect choice for catering businesses, banquets, outdoor events, and more. Serve your beverages with confidence and ensure customer satisfaction with the Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer.

    Cambro 250LCD402 Camtainer Beverage Carrier Insulated Plastic

  • Construction - plastic
  • Gallon capacity - 2.50 gal - 320 oz
  • Color - brick red

  • Specifications

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    Beverage servers