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  • July 14th 2022

    What is a Booster Heater?

    A booster heater is a type of water heater that is typically used with dishwashers to heat rinsing water in order to properly sanitize dishes. Booster heaters differ from traditional water heaters as they release water that has already been heated to temperatures ranging from 180 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. In a commercial dishwasher, this allows the water to reach temperatures to sanitize all utensils and glassware, thoroughly and safely.

    Difference between a water heater and a booster heater

    Unlike your typical water heaters found in any utility room, booster heaters take water that is already warm and heat it to the appropriate temperatures to properly rinse and sanitize china, glassware, cooking utensils, and more in a commercial dishwasher. Booster heaters also require far less energy than a water heater and produce similar if not better results.

    Benefits of Booster Heaters

    Booster Heaters ensure that the final rinse has reached temperatures hot enough to meet sanitation codes. With the temperatures they reach, they also provide quick self-drying and clean dishware. Because the water reaches such high temperatures, water evaporates quickly from china and glassware once removed from the dish machine.

    Hatco C-15 Booster Heater Features and Benefits

    The Hatco C-15 booster heater ensures that you reach safe commercial dishwasher sanitation temperatures every time. This device heats water to 180°F. This booster heater's construction is made of hammertone, which makes it durable, and the front panel is corrosion resistant due to its stainless-steel construction. This 6-gallon tank's interior is also lined with Castone® to prevent limescale and corrosion buildup, as well as fiberglass insulation to keep the heat in the tank and save electricity. This compact electric booster heater also has a switch that allows you to turn it on and off as needed. As well as an indicator light that indicates when the unit is warming up.

    We currently have the Hatco C-15 Electric Booster Heater in-stock and ready for same day shipping. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a booster heater, feel free to give our sales team at Cook’s a call. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the purchase of new foodservice equipment.

    c-15 electric booster heater