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  • August 5th, 2021

    The start of Back-to-School season is here. Right around the first of August, you start to see headlines in the newspaper sales flyers or banners on websites and in email promotions. Summer fun is winding down. School age kids and college bound young adults around the country start preparing to go back to school and that means shopping for new school cloths, binders, notebooks, calculators and more.

    But students and families aren’t the only ones that prepare for the return to school and college. Maintenance, administration and even foodservice teams are preparing for the return to the school too. In fact, summer is the season for replacement, renovation, and even new build-outs on school campuses and the foodservice kitchen and dining areas are very often included in that work.

    One of the changes that happened in the education sector over the last 20 months has been the way that school meals are served. With students out of the classroom for much of 2020, many schools that offered meal plans for their students went to grab and go solutions that were packaged in disposable containers. When students did return back to schools last spring, most cafeterias still remained closed because of the need to social distance. Some of the districts that we work with have gone to feeding students in the classroom as an alternative, but still using disposable packaging for transport.

    That’s caused a significant increase in non-food waste and in the expense of buying foam or paper containers. MyGo Containers™ are reusable to-go containers that can be used anywhere that foam or paper is used and is a great solution for grab and go meals as well as meals that are delivered to the class room. There are several benefits to replacing the single use disposable containers with the MyGo’s. First, you will reduce your non-food waste that goes into landfills. This also decreases the work load for the maintenance staff because they aren’t hauling all the garbage out day after day and it can reduce your trash pick-up and removal expenses. MyGo Containers™ are also easily stacked and seal tightly making them much easier to transport from place to place. MyGo Containers™ also have a gasketed lid that keeps food separated during transport and seal tightly to hold temperature better than a foam or paper container so that you can have more variety in your menu – which both students and staff prefer.

    Now through the end of August, MyGo Containers™ have launched their first ever Back-To-School SALE to make it even easier for schools to make the switch from disposable food containers to reusable to-go containers. We are extending our large quantity discount to any size order. This discount is usually reserved for orders of 25,000 containers, but customers interested in giving the MyGo a try in their operation can get that discount now through the end of August. Additionally, the MyGo-1001 large 9-3/8” x 9-3/8” three compartment container and the MyGo-1003 small 8” x 8” three compartment container are both in-stock in the smoke shell with the green gasket. Any order of these containers can ship out immediately and will arrive in time for the start of the new school year. All models of MyGo Containers™ are included in the sale but some may have an extended lead time.

    If you’re interested in implementing a reusable to-go container program in your school or campus, don’t hesitate! To order online, be sure to enter the promotion code of BACK2SCHOOL15 on the Checkout Shipping and Payment page. If you have any questions or need a quote, you can call us directly at 1-800-956-5572. The SALE ends 8/30/2021, but we would love for our customers to go back to school with MyGo.

    Back-to-School Sale MyGo Containers™