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  • Alto-Shaam 1000-TH/I Cook & Hold Oven

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    The Alto-Shaam 1000-TH/I Cook & Hold Oven is a reliable and efficient appliance designed for high-volume foodservice operations. With a temperature range of 60-325°F (16-163°C), this oven is perfect for slow-cooking, roasting, baking, and holding a variety of dishes. It has a holding capacity of up to 8 full-size sheet pans or 16 full-size steam table pans, providing ample space for large quantities of food.

    The oven's Halo Heat technology ensures even and gentle heat distribution, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavorful dishes every time. The unique thermal cabling design eliminates the need for fans, motors, or other moving parts, making it a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution. The oven's easy-to-use controls allow you to set the time, temperature, and cooking mode with just a few simple steps, making it easy for your kitchen staff to operate.

    Built with durability in mind, the Alto-Shaam 1000-TH/I Cook & Hold Oven features a rugged stainless steel construction that can withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. The door is also made of stainless steel and features a double-pane glass window for easy monitoring of the cooking process without having to open the door and lose heat. The door is also field-reversible for added flexibility in installation.

    Whether you're cooking prime rib, brisket, or pork shoulder, the Alto-Shaam 1000-TH/I Cook & Hold Oven is the perfect choice for achieving consistent, high-quality results every time. Invest in this reliable and versatile appliance and take your kitchen to the next level.

    • Halo Heat® Cook & Hold Oven
    • electric
    • low temperature
    • 40 lb. capacity - (4) 12" x 20" x 2-1/2" full-size pans
    • simple controller with ON/OFF switch
    • heavy-duty stainless steel exterior
    • stainless steel side racks
    • (2) stainless steel wire shelves


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