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  • December 9th, 2021

    Tight on storage space? This is a common story for foodservice operators across the globe. Luckily, when utilized properly overhead track shelving can save you up to 50% on storage space and offer a few other advantages you may not know of.

    Top brands like Metro have a wide variety of overhead track shelving that can accommodate any space size. Other advantages of overhead track shelving include compensation for uneven floors and even the ability to easily clean all floors. Have you ever had to unload, move shelving, clean, then put it all back up again? No more. Not only can overhead track shelving help with storage efficiency; it can even help you pass a health inspection.

    Overall, the biggest advantage of overhead track shelving is the increase of storage space. Vertical shelving allows for efficient use of storage but adding in the ability to move the rack shelving as opposed to having stationary shelving that must be made accessible takes it to the next level. Have a look at our wide variety of Metro Overhead Track Shelving solutions and change the way you stock and store today.

    overhead track shelving

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