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  • October 24th 2022

    Meal Serving in schools

    The goals and expectations when it comes to serving meals in schools are a little different than your typical restaurant. School foodservice directors are not only not only responsible for providing students with a pleasant dining experience, but they also have the additional responsibility of providing the primary source of nutrition for their students. However, school cafeterias operate within time constraints that restaurants typically do not. Which means that the kitchen within a school cafeteria must be able to feed hundreds of students within limited time. Today we are going to look at the most important pieces of equipment within the school kitchen and cafeteria.

    Heated Holding Cabinets

    Including heated holding cabinets within your school kitchen is critical to ensure that the large amounts of foods prepared that day can be safely stored until school lunch periods. These units are designed to keep foods at safe holding temperature until serving time.

    Steam Tables

    Quite like heated holding cabinets, Steam Tables keep prepared foods fresh for extended periods of time. This is an important piece of equipment for the school kitchen and any high traffic environment, to ensure that your hot foods stay at food safe temperatures.

    Refrigerated Merchandisers

    Merchandising refrigeration is an easy way for students to pick out chilled items without requiring the assistance of kitchen staff. Refrigerated Merchandisers are perfect for canned and bottled drinks and are also great for displaying baked goods, salads and other pre-made foods that are best served cooled.

    Heated Merchandisers

    Like Refrigerated Merchandisers, Heated Merchandisers allow students to pick out foods without the help of kitchen staff. These units are great for serving and displaying heated menu items, such as hot dogs, pizzas, and other common hot menu items.

    While the School kitchen is filled with much more than what is stated above, these are four critical pieces of equipment that ensure your school cafeteria functions at full speed. At Cook’s we offer a wide range of kitchen equipment and supplies for a variety of different atmospheres. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to assist you!