Tip Trays

Tip trays, or check holders, are small trays where checks, paper bills, change, credit cards, and mint are placed after a meal is finished and before the guests leave your establishment. Some tip trays have small clips on top to help hold on to its contents better. These are made from durable material like plastic, which will last for a long time. They come in different sizes and shapes for you to choose from as well. Tip jars are also used, and usually found in establishments like coffee shops and ice cream shops. They are often sold in cases and are offered in a range of prices to satisfy your budget. These, and other essentials like catering supplies, food trays, check presenters, food service equipment, guest checks, food service supplies, metal trays, guest checks, hot dog trays, tip out trays, wholesale kitchen supplies, salt and pepper shakers, sauce cups, service bells, squeeze bottles, sugar and cheese shakers, sugar bowls and caddies, syrup dispensers, table crumbers, table signs, tabletop creamers, tortilla servers, etc., are available at catering supply and restaurant supply stores.
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