Drop-In Steam Tables

Commercial kitchen steam tables help keep hot foods heated no matter where you serve them. High quality restaurant drop-in steam tables are essential to any buffet-style restaurant, or food service operation. Drop-in steam tables not only display the items you intend to serve, but also keep them at an appropriate serving temperature. Steam tables, like most commercial kitchen equipment, need a power source, either gas or electric, to maintain the selected temperature of the hot-water bath or steam cabinet that keeps food hot. Electric steam tables, as well as gas restaurant steam tables, can be portable or stationary, and both are designed to keep food moist and ready to serve. Most drop-in steam tables have bays for anywhere from two to five pans. Gas drop-in steam tables generally come in two forms, natural gas and liquid propane. When selecting a gas powered drop-in steam table you would factor in utility costs in your area, along with your need for portability (a propane-powered steam table being much easier to move than those connected to natural gas lines.)
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