Refrigerated Chef Bases

A Chef base is restaurant equipment that aids chefs in the kitchen, by acting as an equipment stand, or additional workspace when preparing food. A refrigerated chef base is a chef base with a refrigerator underneath, to store food, beverages, and other ingredients until they are ready to be used. It is perfect for small kitchens as it pulls double duty and maximizes the available space. These refrigerated chef bases come in different lengths and sizes, and are designed to have cabinets, drawers, or a combination of both. They are normally supported by casters for added stability. The casters also help move them around easily when needed. Others are supported by legs that offer stability as well. They come in a range of prices to match every budget. Most of these are made with stainless steel construction, making them durable to last for years to come. Depending on their size, some may accommodate up to 12 pans. These, and other kitchen appliances like commercial refrigerators, chest bases, upright refrigerators, sub-zero refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators, restaurant supplies, and commercial kitchen equipment may be purchased from restaurant supply stores.
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