Restaurant Ranges

Restaurant ranges come in a variety of forms and sizes that cater to high volume food preparation for hours at a time. These include induction cooktops, convection ovens, wood burning stoves, range hoods, gas ranges, double ovens, induction stoves, and bar supplies, to name a few. These, and other restaurant supplies, restaurant equipment, kitchen appliances, and kitchen supplies may be sourced from a restaurant supply store. Discount appliances may also be available for those on a budget. Some are sold as a combination of open top ranges paired with a griddle/broiler, as well as an oven or two, so that one can bake, cook, roast, and finish simultaneously. Food preparation is a breeze as there is no time wasted, and customers are served their food quickly. Other restaurant ranges come with just the burner and oven combination, while others have two ovens and twice as much burners, to cater to every need.
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