Panini Grills

A panini grill is restaurant equipment that has two plates on a raised grill that are powered by electricity or an outside heat source. They are also known as a panini press and a panini maker. Smooth plate panini grills are flat on both sides and are most commonly referred to as sandwich presses. There are many brands and types to choose from, like a Cuisinart grill and Breville panini press. They come in different sizes as well, to cater to every need. They are offered in a range of prices that will suit every budget. They have easy to use controls that let you adjust the temperature settings. Panini Grills are commonly equipped with a removable grease tray that makes cleanup fast and easy. Most of these are fitted with cast iron plates that heat up fast, which is great to use for restaurants as food preparation may be done quickly and customers are served right away. Now, you can finally create your favorite panini recipes for your customers to enjoy.
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