Ice Cream Freezers

Ice cream freezers keep your favorite ice cream, gelato, ice cream cake, and other frozen goods frozen until it is time to consume them. These are commonly seen in convenience stores, groceries, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and even installed in ice cream trucks. Several manufacturers make these, and you can choose your favorite style among what is offered. They also come in a range of prices to meet your budget. There are several types of ice cream freezers like a horizontal freezer, ice cream storage and dipping cabinet, flat side top freezer, drop-in ice cream/plate chiller, curved lid display freezer, ice cream dipping and display merchandiser, ice cream and novelty display merchandiser, bottom mounted ice cream holding cabinet, gelato merchandiser, and low glass ice cream display merchandiser. All of these give you choices on how to display your items, from ice cream cakes, packed ice cream in tubs or pints, as well as ice cream that is readily prepared for walk-in orders. The horizontal freezers are best used to display high priced items in high traffic areas to cater to high impulse buyers.
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