Vent Hoods and Filters

Kitchen exhaust hoods are essential for any commercial kitchen. The restaurant exhaust hood is not just a device that removes smoke and fumes. Rather the exhaust hood is part of a larger fire suppression system where the hood captures flames, fumes, and grease from the air. Most states require that all commercial kitchens require some type of hood system. This is to protect you and your customers from potentially dangerous kitchen situations. If you are installing a new kitchen it is important to design your kitchen around your commercial exhaust hood systems.

Cook's Direct has some of the best filter hoods you can find on the market. Baffle filters are extremely important when maintaining your kitchen exhaust hoods. If don't have the space for a complete hood system, then you might want to check out Equipex's countertop ventless hood. This amazing system works as a hood for counter top equipment. You will get the same approvals as you would for a complete system at a fraction of the cost. If you would like to know more please give our amazing customer service team a call at (866) 506-3048 and find out which hood or filter works best for you!

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Vent Hoods and Filters
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