A part, spare, spare part, replacement part, repair part, or service part, is an interchangeable part that is kept as part of an inventory, and used for the replacement or repair of parts that have failed or need to be changed in equipment. These are important as they help ensure that the equipment is performing consistently, and they also help in prolonging the life of your equipment. These vary from compressors and coils, to shelf clips and casters. Others include stove parts, oven parts, appliances parts, gas stove parts, refrigerator parts, and sub-zero parts, to name a few. Some replacement parts include beverage server latches, bin lids, dish dividers, silverware holders, trash containers, gaskets, faucet and spout kits, fan blades, and motors. Some parts need to be replaced every so often as part of a preventive maintenance procedure. This ensures continuous operations and lesser downtime. Some of these, especially the smaller sized parts, are sold in multiple quantities, so it is best to keep the rest in stock so that they are readily available when needed.

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