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Commercial Hot Plates might seem like an outdated item but still serves a purpose in today's kitchen. When kitchen space is a premium many chef's look to kitchen hot plates to help alleviate their space problems. Whether you need gas or electric these countertop ranges are perfect for bars, restaurants, and institutions. Hot plates are built to keep food warm and give the chef another area to hold food while not taking up a burner on their range. The countertop hot plate is available in all sizes and burner configurations to fit the cook's needs.

The commercial hot plate has a variety of manufacturers. Cook's Direct prides itself with having relationships with some of the top producers of restaurant equipment. Hot plates are no different for Cook's with manufacturers such as Vollrath, Garland, US Range, and many more! Our top experts on foodservice equipment are ready for your questions at (866) 506-3048, so please don't hesitate to call.

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Hot Plates
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Cadco Vollrath FWE Globe Equipment Hobart
Vulcan Star-Holman Equipex APW Wyott Waring

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