Edlund Company has been one of the best and most trusted manufacturers of commercial can openers since they started in business more than 87 years ago. They've always understood that having restaurant equipment on which you can rely is important, and that's why they place so much attention to detail to their products. From an Edlund can opener to Edlund knife storage racks and all of the other Edlund Company products; they always strive to create the best quality kitchen supplies and restaurant equipment possible.

Quality Trumps All

Whether it's a heavy-duty manual Edlund can opener, like the Edlund #1 Can Opener, a that's designed to for a busy restaurant or an Edlund knife sharpener like the Edlund 401 Electric Knife Sharpener, at Edlund Company, they always worked to create the best restaurant equipment possible. Although they started in the field of commercial can openers, Edlund Company now has a number of different restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies products.

Kitchen Supplies to Make Your Restaurant More Productive

You want to have a productive kitchen, and one of the best ways to make that happen is with the right kitchen supplies and restaurant equipment. Edlund Company makes a host of different kitchen supplies from which you can choose. Of course, an Edlund can opener is going to be important to your restaurant, and they make the best. They have a variety of manual can openers, as well as electric can openers. There's a perfect Edlund can opener for your restaurant and Edlund Company also offers can opener parts for your Edlund can opener. Cook's carries the Edlund Gear for #1 Can Opener and the Edlund Knife for #1 Can Opener among several other Edlund can opener parts.

Along with manual can openers and electric can openers, Edlund Company offers high quality kitchen scales. Edlund scales are available in a variety of sizes. You'll find Edlund scales that measure 32 oz. in 1/4 ounce increments to their heavy-duty portion scale which measures up to 50 lbs in 2 ounce increments. There's also a bakers dough scale and the very popular Edlund DFG-160 Digital Portion Scale available. Edlund scales include features like dishwasher safe and field recalibratable. Portion control is one of the best ways to manage food costs and Edlund scales are the perfect solution.

Edlund knife storage racks are also a popular Edlund Company product. All of the Edlund knife storage racks are made from stainless steel for durability. If HACCP is important in your kitchen, they you will be interested in the Edlund knife storage racks with the color coded inserts to provide the ultimate solution in knife handling and storage. Additionally, the Edlund film dispenser is a great tool for improving sanitation in the busy restaurant kitchen.

Edlund Company is a business with a great reputation and a line of restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies that your operation could use. Take the time to look at all of the different products like an Edlund can opener, Edlund knife storage racks, Edlund Scales, Edlund Vegetable Prep Machines and more that the Edlund Company offers and upgrade your commercial kitchen today.

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