Disposable Apparel

Disposable apparel is a type of kitchen apparel that is only used once, and is disposed of after using. These help keep the work area sanitized, especially in food preparation areas. There are many types of disposable apparel, such as disposable headwear like bouffant caps, beard nets, nylon hairnets, disposable overseas hats, chef hats, face masks, disposable beanie caps, disposable safety clothing like disposable aprons, open wrist and bottom coveralls, elastic disposable protective coveralls, shoe covers, disposable gloves like poly gloves, rubber food handling gloves, powder free vinyl gloves, nitrile food gloves, latex gloves, and disposable dispensers like a toothpick dispenser, and a glove dispenser. These are sold in sets or cases, and are offered in a range of prices to match your budget. These disposable apparel come in different sizes and styles to choose from as well. These, and other essentials like disposable headwear, disposable safety clothing, disposable gloves, and disposable dispensers are available at restaurant supply, kitchen supply, and catering supply stores.

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