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Cooper-Atkins has a number of options when it comes to choosing a precision thermometer. You will find dial thermometers from Cooper-Atkins, like the Cooper Cooler Thermometer which you mount onto the inside of glass cooler doors for easy viewing. You can find some dial thermometers for the prep area like the Cooper Professional Pocket Thermometer a traditional bi-metal precision thermometer, as well as the freezer and refrigerator dial thermometers.

In addition to the dial thermometers, you will find different types of digital thermometers, including pen style digital thermometers and waterproof digital thermometers great for checking the temperature in a dishwasher and a must have among kitchen supplies. There are also digital thermometers for the refrigerator and freezer which are easy to read and boast many user friendly features for a precision thermometer. The infrared thermometers offered by Cooper Thermometer are a great solution for measuring temperature without piercing the food with a probe style kitchen thermometer. You can find the Cooper-Atkins infrared thermometers in different sizes.

Along with infrared thermometers, Cooper-Atkins also has a variety of thermocouple thermometers. Cooper Thermocouples come in a variety of price points and each of the different Cooper Thermocouples comes with various features or accessories. You can find a waterproof Cooper Thermocouple, and Economy Cooper Thermocouple and a Cooper Thermocouple that's part of a HACCP Manager Kit which includes software for collecting and reporting on product temperature records. There are also several different types of probes available for the Cooper Thermocouples. It's a good idea to have a thermocouple precision thermometer like the Cooper 480-0-8 Dual Temp Thermometer from Cooper Thermometer among your kitchen supplies.

To ensure that your food temperature is consistent, you need to have an accurate kitchen thermometer in your kitchen supplies like a Cooper Thermometer, to monitor the temperature of your food. It doesn't matter if you prefer dial thermometers, digital thermometers, thermocouple thermometers or infrared thermometers, but it is important that your kitchen thermometer is accurate. Proper temperature control ensures the safety of your food for your customers as well as the quality or your meals. There is no excuse for not having a precision thermometer like a kitchen thermometer from Cooper-Atkins among your kitchen supplies.

Visit for the best selection of restaurant equipment and kitchen supplies, including digital thermometers, wall thermometers for coolers and storage areas, dial thermometers, oven thermometers, refrigerator/freezer thermometers and more for butcher shops, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals, catering operations and banquet facilities. We carry several different Cooper-Atkins thermometers including the Cooper Atkins 2560 Digital Frig/Freezer Thermometer.

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