CookTek, LLC, is a part of the Middleby Corporation operating in Chicago. They've been in the restaurant equipment business since 1994, and since the beginning, CookTek has been on the forefront of induction cooking and induction thermal delivery systems. The company uses cutting-edge induction technology to transform the commercial kitchen environment.

Induction Cooking is a Great Choice Today

Restaurant owners will find a variety of induction cooking products available to them including countertop induction ranges, freestanding induction ranges, induction thermal delivery systems, even specialty induction restaurant equipment. Those who haven't considered restaurant equipment using induction technology will find it offers many benefits. Induction cooking can improve productivity; it offers safety and induction cooking can even increase energy savings, which many owners want from their restaurant equipment today. Of course, the food is what matters ultimately. You'll find that food cooked with induction technology like the Cooktek wok or countertop induction ranges tastes just as great as if it were cooked on gas or electric restaurant equipment.

The induction cooking products from CookTek are the highest quality available and they apply innovative induction technology for great performance and longevity. CookTek products will stand up to the rigors of a busy kitchen and are highly durable restaurant equipment pieces.

Induction technology has the added benefit of precise temperature control, eliminating the guesswork you have with gas restaurant equipment. With induction cooking, you know the exact temperature you're using ensuring consistency and quality in the food you serve. The various induction cooking products from CookTek, including countertop induction ranges, drop in induction ranges and free standing induction ranges also look great.

You'll find that many reliable options in restaurant equipment from CookTek when it comes to your induction cooking choices. Whether you have a large restaurant or a small cafe, there are plenty of induction cooking products to choose. CookTek has several well-known countertop induction ranges including the CookTek MC1800 and the MC2502FG CookTek Apogee Double Induction Cooktop. A popular feature of the CookTek Apogee countertop induction ranges are the touch-sensitive controls and 0-100 power settings for exceptional accuracy. There are some great specialty induction cooking pieces from CookTek too, like the CookTek Wok Induction Ranges, the CookTek OmeletBuster Double Burner Induction Cooktop and the Cooktek MSP Free Standing Large Stock Pot Range. The different CookTek Wok ranges include drop in and countertop models, and even an induction-ready stainless steel CookTek Wok pan, perfect for use with any CookTek Wok induction range.

Induction Thermal Delivery Systems

In addition to the countertop induction ranges, freestanding induction ranges, and specialty induction cooking restaurant equipment products, CookTek is also well-known for induction thermal delivery systems which encompass a lightweight pellet tray, delivery bag and induction charger base. These systems work by placing the pellet tray in the bag, then placing the food in the bag too. The bag, with the pellet tray inside, is placed on the CookTek ThermaCube Induction Thermal Delivery System charger base, and within minutes it is heated inside, creating a blanket of warm air that keeps the food from cooling for at least 30 minutes. The induction thermal delivery systems from CookTek are perfect for caterers, restaurant delivery services, hospitals or anyone transporting prepared food.

Whatever induction cooking equipment you need, you can rely on CookTek to offer innovative, high-quality restaurant equipment using induction technology. Be sure to check out all the great induction cooking products they have available.

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