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Restaurant kitchens prepare large quantities of food daily and they need quality restaurant equipment to do that. One item with a place in every restaurant kitchen is a commercial mixer. When you look at commercial grade mixers, you'll find Hand Mixers, Countertop Mixers or Floor Mixers. There are also a variety of Mixer Attachments available to increase the functionality of your commercial mixer. There are many great brands of commercial mixers including Hobart Legacy Mixers, Globe Mixers and the well-recognized KitchenAid Commercial Mixers like the very popular KitchenAid KSM8990WH Commercial Grade White Lift Stand Mixer and the KitchenAid KSM8990WH Commercial Grade Onyx-Black Lift Stand Mixer.

Types of Commercial Mixers

You'll discover many different types of commercial mixers and choosing the commercial mixer that's right for you is important. Restaurants and bakeries have different restaurant equipment needs and the proper commercial mixer is an asset to any foodservice kitchen.

Countertop mixers fit on your countertop or commercial mixer stand and have various capacities. You can find a countertop mixer with a large capacity like the Globe SP20 20 Quart Mixer or as small as the Hobart N50 5-Quart Mixer. One of the most recognizable brands in countertop mixers is the KitchenAid Commercial Mixer. Cook's carries the 7 qt KitchenAid commercial mixer and the KitchenAid KSM8990 Stand Mixer. For smaller restaurants, and those that don't need to have a commercial mixer for the majority of their prep, a countertop mixer like a KitchenAid Commercial Mixer is often a good solution.

For operations with robust production requirements of their restaurant equipment; and commercial mixer in particular, floor mixers are usually the best style of commercial mixer. These are larger than countertop mixers and floor mixers can have greater capacity – like the 140 qt. Hobart HL1400 Mixer, a Hobart Legacy Mixer. When you shop floor mixers, you'll see both spiral mixers or planetary mixers. Spiral mixers have a spiral-shaped dough agitator. During mixing, the bowl revolves while the agitator stays in place. These commercial mixers are often found in bakeries, but spiral mixers can be in larger pizzerias. Planetary mixers, or vertical mixers, are named after the orbital motion of the dough agitator. Planetary mixers are more versatile than spiral mixers as you can use a variety of mixer attachments with planetary mixers. Planetary mixers are more common than spiral mixers when reviewing floor mixers because of their versatility and wide-array of applications inside the commercial kitchen or restaurant back-of-house.

You may want a hand mixer or immersion blender as well. An immersion blender is great for a number of tasks, like pureeing vegetables and fruit, mixing sauces, soup, and more. While you may think hand mixers are smaller pieces of restaurant equipment, there are many hand mixers that are very powerful, like the Dynamic SMX600E Pro Mixer, an immersion blender which works with 15 to 50 gallon kettles to liquefy the contents. You may prefer a smaller immersion blender, like the Robot Coupe Mini Powers Mixers; Shaft Length 7" which is popular. These hand mixers are quite versatile and can go where countertop mixers or floor mixers can't. An immersion blender should certainly be a part of your commercial kitchen.

Mixer Attachments

You also want the right mixer attachments for your commercial mixer. Some of the available mixer attachments include mixing bowls, flat beaters, wire whips, dough hooks as well as grinders, graters and shredding discs. Mixer attachments allow you to get the most functionality out of your commercial mixer.

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