Cook's Direct offers a variety of kettles ranging from commercial to consumer level steam jacketed, large, soup, cleveland, electric, tilt and jacketed. Whether it be a small sized soup or a large-scale stew, we'll find the right kettle for you. 

EVEN COOKING - Large soup and steam kettles offer the ability to cook your food thoroughly without worrying about burns and scalding.

CLEAN & EASY - Tilted kettles allow for easy pours without a mess. Imagine how much less time you'll spend cleaning up those bad kettle to bowl transfers with a tilted kettle!

CONVENIENT - If you're building a large stew for hundreds of people, a floor kettle will be ideal for the job. If a small family is what you're wanting to feed, then the table-top kettles are perfect for your operation. 

PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES - As much as you'd love to get started with your kettle, you should probably look into some accessories before you get cooking. Cook's Direct offers paddles, whips, strainers, brushes in all sizes and colors from brands such as Cleveland & Groen. 

GREAT EXPERIENCE - We live our lives through our Core Values and hope that you give us the opportunity to help you through your purchase. Feel free to call us at 1-866-506-3048 if you have any questions about any of our products or if you'd like to purchase over the phone.

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