Butcher and Wax Paper

Two items you'll want in your restaurant are butcher paper and wax paper. They have a variety of uses and no matter what you sell at your eatery you'll find a need for butcher paper and wax paper. Cook's Direct carries butcher paper rolls or butcher paper sheets, wax paper sheets, wax paper rounds, printed wax papers, freezer paper and fry papers.

Butcher paper is a thick, coarse paper perfect for wrapping meat and fish. You will find it in butcher shops around the world, but you will also find it in restaurants. Ideal for storing uncooked meat, you need butcher paper to keep your meats moist and in perfect condition while refrigerated. Another great thing about high quality butcher paper is that you can write on the outside of it so you know exactly what's inside. You can buy butcher paper rolls or butcher paper sheets depending on your need. Cook's carries white butcher paper roll, rather than the old-fashioned brown butcher paper. We also have heavy duty freezer paper; which is perfect for protecting meat from freezer burn, and a freezer paper dispenser. Often people buy butcher paper & twine together. Besides wrapping meat, butcher paper sheets are excellent to soak up grease and oil from fried foods like French fries or fried shrimp. There is also fry paper specifically designed to be used with fries and other greasy foods. Additionally, butcher paper sheets are useful with saucy foods like BBQ chicken, ribs or wings. Many of our customers place the butcher paper sheets in food baskets or with disposable paper trays.

Wax paper is actually thin sheets of paper coated in wax, and this layer of wax keeps food items from sticking. Many restaurants keep wax paper on hand, even though they don't use it often. There are quite a few uses for wax paper in a restaurant. Whether you have a large or a small eatery, you will be able to use wax paper of different sizes to line metal pans where you might be placing some sticky or cold foods. Using wax paper with sticky foods makes cleanup easier. Waxed paper is generally preferred to un-waxed paper when you are storing foods with any moisture. Wax paper is also frequently used in freezer applications.

Many cafeterias and delis use wax paper to wrap sandwiches. You can wrap a number of items in wax paper, including cake slices or dough balls prior to refrigeration. Another use that many restaurants have is to place round wax paper separators between burger patties. This lets them make meat patties in advance or for freezing, yet allows the patties to be easily separated. Look at all of the options that you have here for your butcher paper and wax paper needs. You can find wax paper sheets in a variety of sizes including 8" x 10", 6" x 10" and 12" x 10", 10" x 10", and more. In addition, if you make burgers at your eatery, you can even find some round wax paper dividers to use between the burger patties. And you can choose from a number of different sizes of butcher paper and white butcher paper rolls.

Visit CooksDirect.com for the best selection of restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies, including wax paper, butcher paper sheets, butcher paper roll, fry paper and more for butcher shops, grocery stores, delis, concession stands, catering operations, bars and taverns. We also carry the full line of butcher paper; including the customer favorite of Prime Source Butcher Paper, and wax paper; including pop-up wax paper sheets in a variety of sizes, from restaurant disposables brands like Prime Source, Univex, Weston and Marcal among others.

Still can't find the kitchen supply you are looking for? At Cook's Direct we carry over 55,000 products and our customer service team is ready to take your call and help you find the just what you need; whether it is a roll of 30" x 1000' butcher paper rolls, 5" round waxed paper dividers or heavy duty freezer paper, call now at (866) 506-3048!

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Butcher and Wax Paper
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